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Building Your Skincare Wardrobe

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I heard the term "skincare wardrobe" on a beauty podcast not too long ago, and fell in love with it! The host described it as having all the proper items you need on hand, and ready to go for any occasion. Got a random breakout? Bam, skincare wardrobe has you covered with a pimple patch. In need of exfoliation? Boom, got your AHA’s & BHA’s on deck! And of course you have your “little black dress” which are your go to products that always leave your skin feeling goodT! Yes, with a T!

If you’re anything like me, you love to rotate the products in your routine. I have my top 5 staples, then I have my 4,000 other products that I barely have space for but "need". Don’t come for me skincare minimalist 😊 I am a minimalist in regards to what ingredients I prefer to use on my skin but a maximalist all the way in terms of the amount of products I like to have.

So how do you build a skincare wardrobe? It first starts with knowing your skin type and your skins needs. (See: Coco, What's My Skin Type?)

Once you determine your skin type, think about how you want your skin to look and feel.

If a clearer more radiant complexion is your goal, build up your wardrobe with, chemical exfoliants, Vitamin C and sunscreen. If dewy skin is your jam, add creamy cleansers, hydrating facial mists, and decadent moisturizers!


Create a wish list of all the products you hope to try, and how they will benefit your skin. Refer to the list whenever you're ready to drop some coins and add to your wardrobe. No rush to purchase everything all at once. Curating your wardrobe to perfection takes time!

Still not sure where to start when it comes to product shopping? Book a virtual Beauty & Wellness Consultation with Coco!

Love, Peace & Glow


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