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Coco, What's My Skin Type?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

I've gotten this question from friends and family outside of the treatment room so many times. Normally I would have my clients lay down while I carefully examined their skin under a mag lamp while using my hands to feel the texture. Doing this helped me get an up close and personal look to determine what products and treatments would best suit their skin. I haven't been in the treatment room for a while, but have a few quick tips that can help you determine your skin type at home so that you can carefully make decisions in regards to skin health and what products to use!

1. Wash Your Face

After cleansing your skin, allow it to dry and rest 30 mins without the application of any additional products. Once dry, check your skin out! Use clean hands to explore. Does it feel tight and itchy? Most likely you have dry or irritated skin. Bouncy and supple? You are most likely oily or combination. Check in with your skin throughout the day and make note of how it feels.

2. Blot Your Skin

Oil blotters are a great way to determine your skin type. Use a tissue or makeup blotter and press it into your T Zone (forehead, nose, chin). Examine how much oil is on the tissue. If it is see thru, your skin is most likely oily.

3. Book A Virtual Consultation

Still not sure after trying the above methods? Schedule a virtual consultation, or find a local Dermatologist or Licensed Esthetician in your area. Having a professional asses your skin is the best way to ensure you will be getting the proper information.

Love, Peace & Glow


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