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Nourish Your Skin. Feed Your Soul.
About Us

Hey Lovelies! 


My name is Courtney, but you can call me Coco! Since childhood, I have had a passion for all things beauty and wellness which led me to receive my Esthetician License over 10 years ago as well as multiple post graduate certifications in everything from Oncology Skincare to Gua Sha training.


Influenced and inspired by cultural traditions & rituals from around the world, the women in my life, who I affectionately refer to as “grandma ‘nem” ,and instilling the power of self and soul care to my girls helps me thrive. Embracing the power of balanced nutrition, nourishing products and inner peace helped me to Love My Glow, and I want to help you love yours too!


I am a bit of a product junkie, love reading skincare books & blogs and discovering new skincare tools. Toxin-free and clean beauty is my jam, and also transfers over to the products I use in my home and everyday life. 

When I'm not focused on skincare, I love to hang with my family, live music & farmers markets, pilates and discovering new tea shops! 


If this sounds like your kind of party, check out the site and sign up for our newsletter to stay in the loop!

Love, Peace & Glow, 


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Nourish Your Skin.


“Nourish Your Skin. Feed Your Soul.” Is based on the belief that healthy habits and radiating joy from the inside out results in optimal health and glowing skin! The journey to becoming your best self takes time, patience and dedication. Do what you can, and give yourself grace!

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